Cancellation Waiver

The Go Tours Cancellation Waiver provides reimbursement of the total tour cost for a traveler who cancels a trip at any time for a covered reason prior to the scheduled departure time of the trip.  Reimbursement excludes the price of the Cancellation Waiver which is non-refundable.

To receive reimbursement, the traveler must cancel prior to the scheduled departure time and provide documentation supporting the reason for cancellation.  The Waiver does not cover no-shows who do not provide notification of cancellation.

Covered Reasons for Cancellation:

-Sickness or injury of the traveler, diagnosed and treated after initial deposit, prior to departure

-Death of the traveler or a member of the traveler’s immediate family (spouse, parent, child only)

-Involvement in a traffic accident en route to departure

-Traveler’s home is made uninhabitable by a natural disaster such as fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane

-Traveler is called into active duty by the military to provide aid or relief as a result of a natural disaster

-Traveler is subpoenaed or is called to serve for jury duty

The Cancellation Waiver is not an insurance product and does not cover:

-Medical expenses / Emergency services before, during or after the trip

-Trip interruption, missed connections, nor travel delays

-Baggage nor personal effects

-Any additional cost if a roommate or traveling companion cancels a trip (e.g. single supplements)

-Any expenses associated with the cancellation except reimbursement of the amount paid for the trip (less the price of the Waiver)


The cost of the Cancellation Waiver is 10% of the total of the tour (including single supplements and add-ons).  The Cancellation Waiver must be purchased at the time of initial deposit for a trip and cannot be added at a later date.


The Cancellation Waiver becomes void at the time of the scheduled departure.

The Cancellation Waiver is secondary to any other waiver or insurance covering the cancellation of the trip and pays only the amount not covered by the primary.

The Cancellation Waiver covers only the person for whom it is purchased; reasons for cancellation apply only to the person for whom it is purchased except in the case of the death of an immediate family member.